Compact Passenger Lift

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This model is specifically designed for residential villas and independent homes with a capacity of up to 4 passengers. This model can be designed to blend in with the home interiors. Our engineers can help a perfect location with the home/building for installation of the home elevator of your choice.
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A passenger lift is designed to ferry people from one point to another vertically. The modern transportation lift means transporting within the building. Salzgitter is the superior passenger lift manufacturers in India. As a renowned manufacturer we are committed to manufacture highest quality passenger lifts, commercial lifts at competitive prices.

We use most advanced technology and constantly strive to improve quality. We are equipped with a staff of highly trained elevator designers and experienced installers. To better serve our customer's different requirement, we can also manufacture passenger elevators as per your specific requirements.

Since our inception we are engaged in sourcing and supplying a precision range of passenger lifts, hydraulic lifts and more. Our main aim is to provide the best products at an affordable rate.